Why Is Attic Insulation So Important?

Why Is Attic Insulation So Important?

Insulation is a great way to keep your home warm during cold months. At Ace Roofers, Ireland, our technicians install attic insulation to cut down on heat loss in your home. We offer insulation options that come in both standard and custom sizes, so we can accommodate your needs and budget.

The most common benefits of attic insulation are decreasing energy bills and providing a better environment for people and for the home. 

Other potential benefits of attic insulation include increasing the energy efficiency of your home, decreasing your home’s heating/cooling costs, and increasing your home’s value. 

The Benefits Of Attic Insulation

The benefits of attic insulation are many. First, it keeps heat in your attic and up and out of your house. Second, it can save you between 25%-50% on your heating bills, depending on the type of insulation you use. 

Third, it is kinder to the environment than other heating methods, and fourth, it can reduce sound transmission, which reduces unwanted noise.

Attic insulation has been shown to lower the cost of your energy bill and prevent energy waste throughout the home. It also reduces the likelihood of overheating your home inside during our already-hot summers.

Why You Need To Add Insulation To An Attic

Finishing an attic is an important step in securing a good living space for the person living in your home.  

The finished attic will undoubtedly improve the comfort and energy efficiency in your home, and it will lower your heating bills. According to experts in the industry (including us!) attics are the number one place in a typical home where heat is lost.

If you have an unfinished attic, or have not planned for one, it is important that you have it finished and properly insulated before you can begin experiencing the benefits of an attic space.

What Kind Of Insulation Works Best?

Attics are where heat is lost in a home, and the insulation installed in attics is one of the most important ways to reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiency.  

To reduce heat loss, attic insulation should be placed on the outside of the house, but this isn’t always possible. There are many types of attic insulation, but fiberglass and cellulose fiber are the two most common.

Some people even say that insulation in the attic adds value to their home because it improves the comfort and usability of their home, which makes it more attractive to prospective buyers. 

Modern attic insulation is an excellent solution for reducing energy bills. This can be achieved by insulating the attic, a job that can be done with both spray foam insulation or cellulose insulation. 

Cellulose is natural, biodegradable insulation that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s also safer than other insulation materials, since it is not as likely to release harmful fumes into the environment.

It Is Practical And Increases The Value Of Your Property

Attic insulation is a practical and cost-effective way to increase the R-value of your home (R-value is a measure of the ability of insulation to resist heat flow). 

It also improves the energy efficiency of your home, which lowers utility bills and reduces our greenhouse gas emissions. Disposing of your attic insulation at the end of the heating season is the best way to ensure proper recycling.

We Can Help You Cut Down On Extra Energy Bills!

Installing insulation is a great way to improve the comfort of your home, and lower energy costs, too. According to the UK Department of Energy, insulating your attic can cut your energy bills by up to 20 percent.

The good news for you is that Ace Roofers Ireland provides affordable attic insulation services for homeowners and businesses. Our services are designed to help you save money on your energy bills.

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