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A flat roof, despite its name, is a roof that is not level. Flat roofs must be sloped to some degree to allow rain to flow off the roof, and flat roofs must be sloped to some degree to allow rain to flow off the roof. Extensions and conservatories benefit from flat roofing because it waterproofs and insulates them. Flat roofs have been used since ancient times, often in harsh climates and heavily populated areas because they allow for the use of the roof space as additional living space or a living roof. They’re a popular type of specialty roof that we repair and build in Dublin and the surrounding areas.

Water drainage and direct sunlight wear down flat roof shingles over time because they have only a slight slope. Flat roof maintenance is essential for extending the life of your flat roof and avoiding interior leaks or shingle damage. Different types of roofs are available, including EPDM or TPO, Built-up Flat Roof, Modified Bitumen, and Fiberglass. Whatever sort of flat roof you need, we can assist you. We also cover the entire island of Ireland and can refer you to a local flat roofing expert.

Early Signs of Trouble

You can watch for a few signs to decide when to call us for taking a look at your flat roofs. If you notice worn or split areas in your flat roof shingles, big puddles on your flat roof after rain, cracks or tears in your flat roof, or pockets of air caused by direct sunlight, then it’s time to take some steps urgently. If left unattended, this may result in interior water leaks, damaged or wrinkled shingles, allowing water or debris to enter. Furthermore, if there is standing water, buckled felt, broken or rusted flashing, or blisters on the roof, you should check them cautiously. In certain situations, a flat roof repair could be the best option in the long run if the flat roof has been damaged for a long time or the underlying materials are destroyed. There are a few easy things you can do to extend the life of your flat roof. Daily roof inspections, periodic coating, placing less weight on the flats, cleaning gutters and drains, and arranging regular roof maintenance are only a few examples. The best time to inspect a flat roof is between October and March, to find any damage that may have occurred during the summer or winter.

Why ACE Roofers

Unlike pitched roofs, flat roof leaks can be difficult to pinpoint because several factors can play a role. So, if you need routine maintenance or an emergency flat roof repair, ACE Roofers has qualified and highly skilled technicians and they can complete the job quickly and effectively, using the best materials and equipment in the industry. Both of our technicians are completely insured, and they still operate in compliance with the safety regulations. We only use top-of-the-line waterproofing membranes to ensure long-term results. Our experts can do any work, including flat roofs, gutters, felt and sheet roofing, insulation, and water flow correction, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s nothing we can’t handle: re-plastering, shingle replacement, insulation, extensions, re-felting, and removing old timbers. Our knowledge of flat roof repairs in Dublin is unrivaled. We work with full integrity and efficiency at the most reasonable rates in the industry and provide appropriate guarantees on our work.

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